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Are prescription drugs interactions a problem for your loved one? Most seniors take one or more prescription drugs daily; one-fourth take 4 or more. Seniors are often given new prescription drugs without thoroughly assessing their other medications. Dangerous interactions and side effects — even disastrous consequences — can result. Professionals estimate that 1 in 4 hospital admissions of seniors result from medication problems, including prescription drugs interactions. According to Consumer Reports on Health, "Any new health problem in an older person should be considered drug induced until proven otherwise." (For more information, click on Prescription Drugs Interactions and Seniors.)

Our first link below helps resolve issues about prescription drugs interactions. The next two links have detailed information about specific prescription drugs. Finally, we've included the U.S. government's official Web site that describes thousands of ongoing clinical trials to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new prescription drugs and medical procedures.

Prescription Drugs Interactions

Prescription Drugs Interactions - myOptumHealth

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An excellent resource for checking prescription drugs interactions. It includes interactions between prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements (both herbal and mineral) and various foods.

Important Note: Discuss all interactions you find here with your doctor before you stop taking any prescriptions. Not everyone experiences the same interactions or side effects. And, the benefits you receive may outweigh potential disadvantages.

WebMD Drug Lookup

WebMD Drug Lookup

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This section of WebMD's Web site is an easy-to-use database of brand name and generic medications. With more than 10,000 entries, this drug dictionary offers the largest database. The information about each drug includes how to take it, what to do if you miss a dose, side effects, potential interaction with foods and other medications, and precautions for children and seniors.

PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs

PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs

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The Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) has information about more than 1,000 medications. Of our 4 Preferred Sites, this one offers the most comprehensive information about each drug. It also includes articles about various medical conditions and treatments.

This completely confidential site is provided by the National Institutes of Health. Patients and family members can find information about nearly 5,000 clinical trials at some 47,000 locations nationwide. (Clinical trials are medical research studies that evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medications and medical procedures for a wide range of diseases and conditions.) If a trial is still open for new patients, the information includes the requirements for participation and who to contact.

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